We have your back

While you have ownership and flexibility over your teaching techniques and delivery, you will never be alone on your journey. Our support does not end with the summer training, we will always be available to support you throughout the year and beyond.

Support Infrastructure

Our support infrastructure includes on-going support in:

Curriculum Support

For each subject you teach, a subject teacher from our partner school will be your teaching mentor. You can consult your mentor for any issue regarding school faculty and curriculum matters. They will also be there to evaluate your on-going progress and performance.

Classroom Management

Managing a class of 20 to 30 students is not an easy task. In TFHK, we make it a strong to point to prepare you for this environment. We do this by partnering with education experts to train our fellows in the administration of classroom management.

Career Guidance

We also aim to assist you in building high impact careers post-fellowship. We provide career guidance according to your career interest, as we source a professional in the relevant industry as your career mentor. Career mentors are there to help plan and prepare our fellows for their post-fellowship career.

Alumni Mentorship

Of course, the fellowship program is best understood by our former fellows who has had a year of training and execution. We understand that there are personal mentoring our alumni can address even more directly. This is why we also make them available for your council.

Employment Partnership

Aside from career workshops and seminars, we also provide employment partnership with varied professionals. We connect with corporate partners and help our fellows secure employment in high-impact industries. We do so by implementing internal team screening that guarantees direct employment to graduate trainee programs or final interviews with your industry choice.


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