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What can you do today?

Become Our Fellow
A Frontline Changemaker

We are always on the lookout for passionate and empathetic young leaders who are capable of influencing a transformative and experiential era in education.

If you are enthusiastic about helping our next generation achieve higher goals, be innovative and yearn challenges, and to value interpersonal relationships, become our Fellow!

Take a brave step forward and join us on our journey. Along the way, gain support and all-rounded development from our expert leaders and alumni impact.


Be Our Partner School
Tomorrow’s Education Today

We partner with primary and secondary schools where at least half of their student population are underprivileged students under the financial care of government assistance (including Comprehensive Social Security Assistance and School Textbook Assistance). Our Fellowship Program continuously receives positive feedback from the school faculty we serve.

Be Our Partner School

Be Our Corporate Partner
Share Your Resource

We operate with an open platform approach and welcome corporate partnership. Be a part of our dynamic team and obtain the rewarding experience of facilitating lifelong changes to underprivileged students and future leaders.

If your company can provide any of the following or more, please contact us.

  • Financial Support
  • Life and Educational support for underprivileged students
    e.g. company visit, industry presentation and sharing
  • Career Development Program for our fellows
    e.g. mentorship, teaching placement and training

Be Our Youth Consultant
Support Our Operations

The success of our operation is reliant on the spirit of our young leaders. Be a part of our fast-growing movement and work professionally in the education field. Below are some of the roles we need as Youth Consultants.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Multimedia Strategies
  • Operational Excellence
  • Development and Partnership
  • Policy Research and Advocacy
  • Student Enrichment Experiences
  • Event Management