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The Values We Embrace

Passion and

Kindness and

Openness and

Teamwork and

Passion and Excellence

We envision ourselves as a growing movement of young people who demonstrates full commitment and passion to education. In pursuit of professional standards, we proactively reach out to fellows, students, partner schools, donors and supporters to strive for excellence and endeavor for breakthroughs.

Kindness and Empathy

We engage with each and every individual with compassion and respect. We put ourselves in their places to see their world, and seek to unlock their potentials with love and support.

Openness and Innovation

We believe keeping an open mind and actively seeking innovation are keys to success. We embrace diversity as it always introduces new insights. We value every opportunity to collaborate with different parties to sustainably transform our education.

Teamwork and Leadership

We empower every team member and fellows as leaders who are given ownership to their work and held accountable to the team. While recognizing diversity and individuality, we are also one cohesive team with an uncompromising dedication towards our unified vision.