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Our Long-term Vision

More than an organization, Teach4HK is a movement. Our long-term aim is to have our fellows mature as social leaders and lifelong advocates in education. It is our hope to see our fellows create systematic impact in different positions of society, as they carry with them their sympathy and frontline understanding of our education system. We facilitate this vision by providing our fellows post-fellowship support through our alumni impact. It hopes for their continued initiatives to make our education thrive.

Our Alumni Stories

Fei Cheung  Alumnus 2016 – 17 

Fei is currently employed by a startup company; incubated and funded by Cyberport after the Fellowship Program. He also established an enterprise, STEAMaker, with two other fellows, Princeton Fung and Nikita Yi.

Shawn Chan  Alumnus 2015 – 16

Shawn has joined Towngas as a graduate trainee after his Fellowship with us. He is working at a chemical plant in Mongolia and is responsible in production management.

Shirin Omar  Alumnus 2015 – 16

Shirin is a full-time English and Mathematics teacher in St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School while studying her Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) majoring in English.

Gabi Chan  Alumnus 2015 – 16 

Gabi is a full-time BAFS and LS teacher in Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College while studying her Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) majoring in BAFS.


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